Review of Midmar Mile (Virtual) - 14 March 2021

Sport Swimming Race
Event Midmar Mile (Virtual)
Date 14 March 2021
Where Cradlemoon, South Africa
Distance 1.6 Km
Finishing Time 00:51:18
Race Number 12227
Result 2726/3049
Top % 89%
Pace 32:04 m/km
Speed 1.87 km/h
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My experience at the event:

Due to Covid the Midmar Mile was cancelled for common swimmers (only elite ended up swimming in Howick), but we were allowed to complete 1.6km at any place. I was desperate to do ANY race since the last one happened a year ago, a terrible 50km at the On Die Dam which also happened to be the last runnign race ever done in South Africa due to the start of Covid (there are still no races in the calendar, 1 year later).

Also in December I had a hip arthroscopy, which still to this day prevents me from running. So swimming was probably the only way of getting some sort of movement before fat and laziness take over my body.

Sure, if I'd chose the gym, with his 25 meters length and the safety of boundary walls (plus the help of the pushing after turning around) probably my time would have been 10 minutes quicker.

But what's the point? So Curtis and I ended up swimming on a great summer day in the Heritage Lake at Cradle moon. We took our time, but finished well within the hour.

With flickr dead to me (too expensive, free allowance is ridicolous) here is a picture saved on google photos:

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