Review of Panorama FC - Global United FC - 13 October 2021

Sport Football
Event Panorama FC - Global United FC
Date 13 October 2021
Where Vets League Cup - First Round, South Africa
Final Score 2-3
Goals Scored
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My experience at the event:

My second game in new "life" as a footballer has been slow. At my age getting back in shape after 2 bad years seems a really hard task. So I don't mind being used a substitute, knowing that younger and fitter players are providing what I can't at the moment.

Tongiht we lost in the first round of the league cup, and it was a shame. We played greatly against the team that have been dominating the past period, but we ended up on the losing side of the scoreboard. Again I was introduced towards the end of the first half, and while I definitely got more involved, I was still trying to do too much.

Some stats from the game:

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