Review of Cradle Moon Swim Challenge 1 - 07 November 2021

Sport Swimming Race
Event Cradle Moon Swim Challenge 1
Date 07 November 2021
Where Cradle Moon, South Africa
Distance 1.2 Km
Finishing Time 00:39:55
Race Number 1642
Result 123/130
Top % 95%
Pace 33:16 m/km
Speed 1.8 km/h
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My experience at the event:

The last "real" (pre-covid race) that I completed was a painful 50km ultra marathon in March 2020. Since then Covid has hit the world, and I basically stopped doing any kind of sport for more than a year, taking time to recover after a surgery on my hip.

While running seems still to painful (at least with the extra kgs I'm carrying), and cycling will happen maybe at the end of this month, swimming was always going to be a good alternative. Sure, I can't swim for shit, or better, I can swim, for a long time, but slowly. No idea why. I try to accelerate, and my speed stays the same. Maybe it's because I learnt how to swim well into my 30s, so I miss the technique required to be quicker.

Anyway, I took advantage of this race to take Lindsey and the kids away for a holiday at the beautiful  Cradle Moon, where I often sent my guests (when travelling was less complicated) , and where I did a lot of races (mostly triathlons) but I never had a chance to sleep over.

The weekened worked out great. I didn't have to wake up early to get to the start, and I managed to not finish last which is always great. Plus, everyone had a lot of fun.

The garmin stats of the race are here

Some pics from the weekend:

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