Review of Leeds - Panorama FC - 23 February 2022

Sport Football
Event Leeds - Panorama FC
Date 23 February 2022
Where Vets League, South Africa
Final Score 3-1
Goals Scored
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My experience at the event:

nother defeat in this tricky start of the year. Honeslty, playing a game within a stadium without proper lights, and with lines barely painted (in red!) on a field with grass that wasn't even cut was a shitty experience. The area around Davidsonville Stadium in Roodepoort is already not great, and with Google Maps sending most of the players to a grocery store (!) didin't help.

I played the full 90 minutes, as a solitary striker mostly holding the balls in order to provide attacking options, but after a dodgy penalty (the dude tripped on himself) was given, the whole team lost their mind a little.

Eventually we lost 1-3, abandoning the chances of finishing in the top 3 probably.

Some stats from the game (still waiting since November 2019 for a goal....)

Panorama - Leeds
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