Review of Joburg Ultra - Sprint - 04 December 2022

Sport Triathlon
Event Joburg Ultra - Sprint
Date 04 December 2022
Where Cradle of Humankind, Johannesburg, South Africa
Distance 25.6 Km
Finishing Time 01:53:46
Race Number 875
Result 233/392
Top % 59%
Pace 4:27 m/km
Speed 13.5 km/h
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My experience at the event:

First triathlon in almost 4 years! After COVID, a hip surgery and various other issues of any type and form, I finally decided to get back into the world of "sucking at three sports in 2 hours" once again.
I took the opportunity to take Lindsey and the boys for a weekend away at the beautiful location (Cradle Moon) and with a later start at 8.20 in the morning, I was able to get a nice buffet breakfast before jumping my fat and toally unprepared body in the warm lake. After coming out of a slow swim, I complete a very familiar cycle route by the Cradle in a time better then 4 years ago. Unfortunately in the past 4 years and especially after the hip surgery my favourite leg (running) has become my worse one, due to the fact that I can't really run more than 5km before some sort of pain comes in. But even under a hot sun I somehow concluded the trail part of the race (walking on the hills) in a terrible time.

Some pictures:

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