The yearly pilgrimage - 15 September 2004

I love Poland. I really do. Everything is nice and my grandparents provide me good free food.

Poland. A place to visit

The classic Fiat Polsky 126Now, it seems that the whole of England love going to Poland as well.
I've never see so many stag nights groups like on my way to Warsaw. Cheap flights, nice girls, cheap alchool and still cheap accomodation. And let's not forget about the weather, very nice in the summer.
Fortunately, they all went to Warsaw, or Krakow. Good for me. I still like to walk in Poznan, the city where half of my family tree is coming from, without seeing a single tourist (well, actually I've seen more than ever, but if I compare it with other cities that's quite good).
Poznan is a fantastic place. Ok, no sea. You can go to Gdynia to find another incredible pleace, with beatuiful beaches, girls in bikini, and a cold sea not even so salted like the Mediterranean. Ok, there are more Germans than in Warsaw, but hey, that means less Russian and less criminality. And there is the bigger Polish Trade Fair, when you can always find some nice stuff, especially if it's the fashion week. And if you get an invitation. Or if you know someone.
I can relax in Poland, no doubt about that.
While in Italy I'm always running around (so much to do in so little time), in Poland my days are just lazy and I can stop and think about important life's matters: when the lunch will be ready, what my grandma cooked today, what time shall I go out for a walk in the parks or in the old city or when shall I meet my friends. Hoping to ending the evening drinking vodka and talking about the good old times (summers) when we use to go out and play football every day.

Travelling to Poland now it's cheaper than ever. Thank to some hungarian airlines (wizzair), for just 50 quid you can get a flight to one of the biggest cities in A gift from Stalinthe country. Not bad. I would spend more in London in a weekend.
I flew to Warsaw with the company of three stag party groups, and for 2 hours I was forced to listen to every kind of group songs that the blokes invented and I saw things on the plane that no one should never allow to see. Probably the beers helped a lot.
Let's talk about Warsaw, or Warszawa. An incredibly overrated city. Dirty, expensive (if you compare it to the rest of the country) and with the kind of entertainments created to fulfill the hopes of tourists while spending money without thinking about it, or while drinking. I spent a good amount of time back in the mid nineties, and I know what I'm talkig about. But at least you can find someone who can speak proper english. And there is the Culture Palace, an incredible Russian building from the Communism Era. Tall, spaceship looking, a monstruosity from a time that some people would rather forget. But it's still there.

Photo BiographyTrain and after 5 hours Poznan here we go. Too late to phone my grandparents, I just walked from the station to the apartments, a massive 15 minutes walk. I woke up them and after the "hello, how're you doing?" "oh! You grown up!" "it's time to find a proper job and a proper house and a proper girlfriend and to marry and to make me grand-grand ma" I went straight to bed, to wake up only the day after, 12 hours later.

There is a big, huge plus to stay at your grandparents: the accomodation is free, the food is good AND free AND the portions are always bigger than my hunger. The only big minus is that they won't never give me the keys of the apartments (few years ago I think, not very sure, I came back a bit drunk) and I have to get back before midnight. Well, for good food I can do that...

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