The yearly pilgrimage - 15 September 2004

I love Poland. I really do. Everything is nice and my grandparents provide me good free food.

Polish vodka wedding


Sunday was a more relaxing day. After visiting my friend, I was invited to play football against one of the old teams we used to play in the summer. Few of my old teammates were available (PKS Grottgera, after years of good football, now plays only on special anniversaries...) and the standard was quite low, cause I guess I was the only fit enough to run behind a ball. And probably the last still playing football, 10 years later (sadly the same happened in Italy: I'm the last one standing). Final score: 5-4. I didn't score any goals, but three assist and my usual good defencing skills (to read: everyone was complaining cause I was a bit too rough on their legs. Ehi, not my fault: I always touch the ball first, whatever is left second) were enough to win, coming back from 1-3.

The whole week followed a normal routine: wake up in the morning, a good "ol' time" breakfast, work, walks, lunch. Walks, cinema, friends. Only in Poland, in Poznan, once a year, my life runs at a slower, peaceful, rhythm.

The happy coupleOn saturday, few days later, time to go north, to the sea side, to the hidden gem called Gdynia: better than Gdansk, with fantastic free beaches (but this time,staying just 24 hours, I couldn't enjoy them) and fantastic weather, for a wedding. A friend of mine (Ola, I've been with her in Italy a long time ago) was tying the know with her boyfriend, once for all. After a early morning (4.30) wake up and 6 hours of train, I was already there, mentally ready for an historical drink session. I still remember the last wedding I've taken part in Poland, and my hungover lasted 2 days. You know, in Poland it's not just beer, it's vodka as well, in industrial quantities. And so it was. After a nice ceremony in a small church somewhere on the hills, and 3 hours of sleeping somewhere to recover from the trip, I was ready to show my dance moves and my drinking skills. They are a match made in heaven.

I don't know much memories of the night, and the morning. I've got some flash back about drinking vodka, cranberyy juice and tabasco and eating whatever was coming to my mouth. Another flashback and I'm doing a good impersonification of Usher or Justin Timberlake or Frank Sinatra. Don't remember much. Another flashback and I'm sick. Fast forward and I'm on the train on my way home. I open my eyes and it's mondy already. I missed sunday. Doesn't really matter.

Unfortunately, as soon as I recovered from the wedding drinking dancing session, was already time to go. Time to go back. Bye bye Poznan, bye bye grandma. Bye bye grandpa. Dowidzenia Dominik Michal Magda Ula (and yes, Marcin. Haven't forgot about you and your bbq and your alcohol!) Kasia and relative kids and more.
See you next year, when my liver will be ready again. And with a working digital camera. I have to resume my old digital kodak, with a broken flash...

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