God is wireless on Peachtree road - 12 February 2005

Back to Atlanta, 1 year later. Just in time to watch the superbowl, to lose all my Hooters hopes, and to save the day with my driving skills.

..I wanna thank my agent. Oh, yeah, and the mighty God.

Simon the ZombieSunday. Superbowl day. Patriots against Eagles.

While I was awake pretty soon, everyone else was still in post-alcohol, dream-land zone. The day started effectively around 14pm, when we rejoined our troops to go and visit Atlanta and hit the shops. Simon, a zombie survivor from the night before, spent the time in the car in his Zombie modeshocked status.

Atlanta and surroundings are very interesting. There are churches everywhere, often more than 3 or 4 on the same road. And every road has something to do with the word "Peachtree". Peachtree road, Peacthree street, Peachtree avenue, Peachtree South West, Peachtree Plaza etc.. etcc. Apply some logic and on every peachtree road you'll find at least 4 churches.

I liked Atlanta last year, and few things have changed. After trying to get on the rotating restaurant on the top of skyscraper (Sunday, no drinks allowed!) we moved to the local Hooters, but this time the quality of food and the quality of the hooters girls wasn't comparable to last year's.
Huge, massive disappointment!

After some shopping in Lenox Square - we love the weak dollar - we went back to the Wild Wing place of the first night to enjoy the superbowl.

Waiting for the superbowlLet me spend two words about it: boring and overrated (three words, ok). I don't like american football, but it's quite easy to understand the basic rules. But on the superbowl night everything is about the advertising. 15 seconds of actions, 30 seconds of adverts. Superbowl: a nice adverts parade interrupted by 15 seconds of boring sport.

(... I was so bored I don't remember what I was doing while watching it. Probably looking at my lemonade's glass.)

More wings and gallons of beer later, with the final score of 24-21 for the Patriots, a comment from our table (Player: "I wanna thank agent, bla bla bla, God..." Action.. yawnLaughs from the table "Yeah right") almost started a riot from a table sitting next to us, when some (a bit too fanatic) religious girl accused us of blasphemy, because we laughed at the comment. So, while her date spent the night folding 1 dollar bills in origami - I was sitting next to them, I couldn't stop observing it - she was getting upset with us, God-haters-probably-muslims-english-losers (ehi, I come from Italy! I'm catholic! I like the Pope! What about this?).

Tired and bored enough, we travelled back to our houses. Praise the Lord.

In the meanwhile, back in London, while I was worrying, my footbal team lost, badly. Damn.

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