God is wireless on Peachtree road - 12 February 2005

Back to Atlanta, 1 year later. Just in time to watch the superbowl, to lose all my Hooters hopes, and to save the day with my driving skills.

Living the danger while watching the telly

Some skyscraper. Name?

The rest of the days were spent working like mad men, enjoying a fantastic meal at the same brazilian restaurant which we visited last year, Food!drinking at the top of the skyscraper, like last year, shopping and generally living la vida poco loca. Yo, cool
After the excitements from the weekend before, how to blame us?

After the usual goodbye ritual to Derrick, Rob and Johnny, we left Atlanta in nice Tuesday evening, to arrive in London in a chilly Wednesday morning, with few hours of sleep on the almost-empty airplane (this time I managed to avoid watching too many films!) and ready to get back to work the same day.

Back home...Back home, a nice surprise: a metallic prop holding the ceiling in the living room/kitchen.
Thanks to some careless workers on the floor upstairs part of the ceiling fell down!
This 2005 has been full of events, so far. And it's just february...

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