My faith lays in chicken wings - 16 October 2005

Consideration about the US and how sometimes you can find God in good chicken wings. Especially in Atlanta. Especially in Hooters.

A week of hard work

Bazooka JohnnySoprano in AtlantaWriting about my days in the office working and meeting Americans seems quite boring. So I'll skip. From Monday to Friday I focused on work during the day, and trying to enjoy Atlanta in the evenings (without spending too much!).

Few interesting considerations about my real American week:

Olaf in Atlanta Olaf and Martin Atlanta by night Hilton Hotel, inside view Johnny and Liz
  • Ikea is identical to any other Ikea in UK. With just more Mexicans and less Polish
  • Talking about Mexicans, they are the counterpart of the Polish in UK. They have a lot of similarities: they like to wear moustaches once they are older (vote Pedro), they don't drink water, only strong alcohol like tequila (Mexico) or vodka (Poland), they are everywhere, they like vegetables (beans / potatoes), they do the hard work (roadwork/building) and at least one girl from Mexico or Poland had sex with the Olafmeister.
    See? I've proven my point.
  • Wild Wings Cafe: simply the best place for wings. I had around 25-30 juicy fried wings. And my heart was full of joy. We had a nice wings evening with Rob (who got drunk... big guy, but can't handle a drink!)+ Dana, Johnny + Liz, Bryce + girlfriend, other 4 people I don't remember the names and Martin. Lemonade and wings. After the first 10 wings I got addicted to a baseball match (White Sox vs. LA Angels if I remember correctly). The true American way, uh?
  • Ramadan is something I don't understand. No food, no drink, no sex (or masturbation? Does it count as sex?), no malicious thoughts, no swearing. I respect that, but fuck me, this is masochism. And by the way, the fact that they are basically starving and suffering in the daylight to finally enjoy food and drinks and other nice stuff in the night, makes me realize that maybe all the Muslims suffer from vampirism (I checked Louai's fangs, no weird shapes though!)
  • No wonder many Americans are fat: with a full cable TV subscription and so many channels with great shows and films and sport available what's the point of getting out from home? I finally watched Cops, great show. I got addicted to it. Shame Johnny didn't have any porn channels. I would have loved to investigate the different aspect of this interesting culture.
  • Food in US is good and cheap. I had great Mexican, Japanese and Vietnamese food without spending more than 10 dollars each time. Again, with cheap takeaways and good television, I would be a fat bastard in no time. And if Johnny keeps cooking the way he does (very good) even by closing myself at home I wouldn't stand no chance.
  • The Marriott Hotel in Atlanta. Best. Structure. Ever. Inside it looks like a set from a Star Wars film. Tall, intricated and totally scary from the top

The last day we decided to celebrate Geniese's birthday by having lunch in my favorite place: Hooters.

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