My faith lays in chicken wings - 16 October 2005

Consideration about the US and how sometimes you can find God in good chicken wings. Especially in Atlanta. Especially in Hooters.

Delightfully Tacky, yet unrefined

Car Wash!Let's face it, Hooters deserves always a page on my website. After the first, great, experiences in the Hooters in Downtown Atlanta and Los Angeles (March 2004) and the disappointing one last February, I was afraid. My faith in Hooters have been left destroyed by the not so great experience 7 months ago, where food and girls didn't raise up to the promised standards.

I soon realized that this time the bad experience was only an exception: as soon as we entered the car park, I saw hooters girls washing a car, in the hooters' way. I could picture in my mind the lyrics from the Christina Aguilera's song:
Working at the car wash (oh oh, yeah yeah)
At the car wash, yeah (ooh, yeah yeah)
At the car wash (sing it with me now)
Working at the car wash, yeah

There were young, they were soaked with soap, and they had bouncing bits. And I'm not talking about the cars.

PerfectionMaiHootersMai was the girl assigned to our area. She was of Chinese American extraction I think, but you never know down here. She was chatty (like any Hooters girl should be), young (like any Hooters girl should be) and good looking (like any girl should be). She served us with around 50 wings, plus oysters, and she kept giving me lemonade and calling me sweetie.
A girl like her deserved a good tip and we left with my faith restored and a good tip left on the greasy table.

Martin, Geniese and BryceGood choice for the restaurant Geniese! Who would have thought that a girl like you loved Hooters? Thank you again.

This was the highlight of my 5 days trip. I left Atlanta on the MARTA railway (used by people without cars, not many, or money, quite enough) and departed destination London on Friday night.

Goodbye AtlantaI had a final fight on the plane, with a middle aged Indian guy. Now, I personally don't dislike Indians, even if the only one I know keeps asking for money to support his hormones-drive lifestyle, but if I find another Indian who eats a curry based cold sauce with bread on the plane, sits farts burps and breathes in my direction I will kill him and his whole family (and by the number of Indians around the world every family must be massive).

Back in London on Saturday, and back to the normal life soon after, with a great goal on Sunday afternoon who took my team to the winning extra time in the cup.
And now my back hurts and I'm still thinking why, why there is not a single Hooters around my place?

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