30 - 17 April 2007

So far, life has been interesting. Poland too.


Stare Miasto It's always difficult to schedule a trip to Poland.

Every year I want to visit at least once my dear old friends and my grandparents, but every year I'm always fighting to get decent tickets.
With the recent invasion of polish people in UK, finding a cheap ticket with the dreadful Ryanair is a huge task.
Especially for someone like me who can stay just over the weekend. They all buy tickets months in advance, and probably tickets are already gone for Christmas 2007 (just because Ryanair doesn't allow buying tickets in advance of more than 12 months...)

Ratusz in PoznanAround the town hall Poland, and Poznan , after all, are part of my heritage. Many of you probably know already about my previous travels , and you already know what to expect: more of the same . But hey, even doing the same things over and over again once a year it's something I like. Or maybe I just need it.

HotI love my solitary walk to the Stare Miasto, quickly walking around the old streets to reach the main square with my favorite town hall, the Ratusz .
When I was kid I used to spend at least an afternoon a week there, in the sun, hoping that the structure would transform in some spaceships to fly away and attack the evil communist empire (just like the Palac Kultury in Warsaw). It never happened. My parents got married in there, by the way.

I just love to spend some time and dwelling in the past. Even is someone is trying to make my dwelling difficult, by knocking down all the places where I used to waste so much time with my friends. Oh well.

Irene + EdwardI never know when it would be my last time here. After all, my grandparents are not getting any younger or healthier, and my visits (or my sister's, or my mum's) are the only nice change in their daily routine of medicines and strict diet.

DominikPope Michal IWhile my granddad is getting more and more detached from reality (basically he sleeps, watches television and eats, I know, not too different from the life style of many people I know...), my grandma is trying to keep everything in order, but she's afraid of dying before her husband, and leaving him alone in a world that really doesn't care about what he does anymore.

So, what will be left once they're gone? My friends. Dominik, his family, and maybe Michal, if he decides that after all spending 8 years studying theology with no decent career options (like being the new Pope) is not what is looking for.

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