30 - 17 April 2007

So far, life has been interesting. Poland too.


Getting ready for the wedding Anyway, the main reason of this trip, scheduled after two very intense weeks in which I lost my old flat mate Rob (he's not dead, he just moved) , gained a fiancée and broke my coccyx , was to attend the wedding of Dominik's sister, Kasia.

I couldn't say no. For Dominik, family is not just his family.
It's everyone important to him. Like me, old Italian friend from the early eighties, or Michal. In a different country he would probably be a godfather in the making.

Michal decided to attend a different wedding and he had to apologize for his choice. We made him drink petrol and ask for forgiveness to God and the Family. Then we killed him. Ok, just joking. Don't worry Michal, wherever you are now, Dominik has forgiven you.

For me, it wasn't even a choice. Dominik, in his always misunderstood humor (like I said last time, he's the catholic answer to Larry David ), was one of the reasons I traveled.
I don't have many chances to talk with someone who knows me and almost everything I've done so well (apart from my old Italian's friends: they used to know the September to May Olaf, he knew the June to August polish version of me on holiday) and, for personal reasons, he's the only tragic hero I really know. Stuck in a reality that sometimes makes him crazy, whatever he does.

Kind of gayBlessingsI helped Dominik with some parts of the wedding preparation: mainly driving around or sitting in the back sit of the newlyweds' car with him and getting murderous looks from the football supporters going to the football match not far from us.

In Poland gay marriages are worst than blasphemy or sex with animals or fruits. We're talking hardcore Catholics here.

I agree about the gays, less about lesbians, but you all know my point of view.

Kasia in the carDomenico CorleoneDom, Olaf and Ula

The wedding went very well. The ceremony was a bit too long, but the food and the dances at the reception were great. I tried to avoid the conga but I couldn't. I didn't even try to avoid the vodka and I enjoyed few bottles of it with Marcin, Ula's husband (who never says no to a drink, good lad) and Magda, Dominik's wife (he doesn't drink, so someone has to restore the balance in the family. Balancing is important. I do my bit for all the Muslims in the world).

Kasia and Jarek Wedding Kasia and Jarek Wedding Kasia and Jarek Wedding

Kasia looked great and her new husband, Jarek, looked decent too, for someone so old. Ok, just joking, I meant "so mature".

Somehow I managed to crawl home, and to spend the next day with my grandparents, even if the day at the Palmiarnia (sort of Eden Project , much smaller and older) didn't really work out very well. My grandpa couldn't stand the sudden change in the climate in the various sections and left us, with me and my grandma looking for him for 30 minutes.

Wedding ReceptionWedding Reception Wedding Reception
Wedding Reception Wedding Reception Wedding Reception

I spent the rest of the short weekend recovering from the reception. And for the amount of food eaten in the past 48 hours.

On Monday I said goodbye (more tears on their side) to my grandparents, and Dominik drove me to the airport, for the last goodbye.

30My cakeIt seems to be that I've been saying goodbyes a lot lately. Rob, Lindsey, my youth, Dominik.

Damn. Must come with the age.

After all on Monday I turned 30
, on a crap airplane to London, with no air conditioning, and drunken polish builders.

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