The chickenpox European travels - 28 July 2008

London, Poland and Italy.
It all sounded like a great plan for me, Lindsey and Shari.
Things didn't work out exactly like we wanted, but it was an interesting experience nonetheless!

Considerations on intercontinental travels and problems

Writing a report of my travels and experiences for my friends is usually a matter of timing. You wait too much, and you get a very technical report with step-by-step information about what happened and what I did. You don't wait at all (maybe because you use your mobile phone / laptop to write notes) and what you get are long, long articles that probably can't describe the big picture.

The travel I wrote this article just 7 days after I reviewed pictures and life went back to normal. So why waiting so long to publish? Well, life again got particularly busy what was a nice draft ready to get live shifted at the bottom of the pole of priorities. Football, fixing the house and Lindsey (not in this particular order) moved back up and everything else was less important. But by then the article looked simply too much of a day to day report and had little that I liked.

It went like this: first week: Olaf sick at work with chickenpox (varicella!), Lindsey and Shari taking a million of pictures and having fun in London. Weekend: Olaf can't fly to Poland, Lindsey and Shari go to Wimbledon. Second week: Shari can't fly to Italy (no English passport, no visa), Olaf and Lindsey spend a week in Canegrate doing very little and ending almost every evening at the Texas pub.

ChickenpoxMy isolated bed...

I know you want details.

It was definitely a different trip. First of all, for the first time since forever I was in London, on holiday, with someone. More than someone actually. Lindsey, my new wife, was with me, and so was Shari, Lindsey's friend that some of you may remember from the wedding (just check the pictures, they are all there).

The plan was nice and easy: fly to London, spend a week there, then fly out for the weekend in Poland, introduce Lindsey to my grandparents and Poland to the South Africans, then back to London, out to Italy to officially introduce my wife to the rest of my family and friends, then back to London and back to South Africa. You don't want to know the final price of all these tickets, but luckily we managed to found convenient prices by buying tickets directly on emirates (5400 rand - 360 pounds via Dubai) after getting crazy quotes from the greedy local travel agencies.

My personal goal was to move forward my work enough to be able to enjoy 10 days of holiday with Lindsey (and Shari), to buy cheap stuff in London (you can't beat Lillywhites for sport clothing and you won't find a better choice for electronic equipment than PC World) and to generally get back in touch with all those (never) forgotten friends that I haven't seen for so long. Oh, and visit Poland again for my yearly trip. And spend some time showing off the countries I lived and I came from.

All so nice, all so simple. Yes, the traveling hours accumulated would probably be called insane by other people

[a disaster happened and I lost most of the content here, and I don't have a backup. Maybe one day I will re-write the content of this page, but I doubt it. Anyway, I think that at the end of this page I was just saying how annoyed I was by getting the damn chickenpox after so many hours of flight, and probably how many passengers I infected without even knowing it..]

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