The chickenpox European travels - 28 July 2008

London, Poland and Italy.
It all sounded like a great plan for me, Lindsey and Shari.
Things didn't work out exactly like we wanted, but it was an interesting experience nonetheless!

Italy, home sweet bar

At the usual pub With Shari still stuck in London due to the lack of a travel visa, only Lindsey and I traveled to see my family.

The chicken pox infection was disappearing. Instead of holes with fluids I was crusting all over.
I didn't mind: I'd rather feel something tough and crusty with my fingers that those damn blisters.
My face was twice the size (ah, those glands), but at least no permanent scarring visible, only one crater by the hairline.
The torso was the worse, and still is, I can still some scars that apparently will disappear only in 2-3 months.

At least I didn't look like a leper anymore, and Easyjet didn't stop me at the boarding.

If the summer in London was cool and fresh, Italy was hot and sweaty. Olga, my little sister (well, turning 30 soon!) collected the Olgiati at the Malpensa airport and we were home in 20 minutes.

Dad and BartBart, my giant hairy dog (shaved for the occasion) was there to greet me and Lindsey, and so was my dad. Olga turned her old room in a proper sleeping room, after years of adapting the room of her teenagers' years in something more mature. The final result was really good, and she gave the newlywed couple the big and comfy bed.

From my previous reports of every single time I came back home you can imagine the routine I forced Lindsey to adjust too: late wake ups in the morning, something to do in the afternoon while waiting for my friends to drive us to the Texas Town Pub.
So goodOnly now that someone is with me I realize how boring someone can see the routine. But while I was in London my goal when in Italy was to relax and not to anything new or too complicated.
Now that I have a wife who is not Italian, I may have found an excuse to start doing what I haven't done in a long time: explore the country. After all, isn't everyone agreeing that Italy is a beautiful place to visit?

The plan was to actually visit the lakes and travel by train to Monaco (in France) to see Anna, who was waiting for us. For some weird reasons she was in Paris losing a train to Milan and not getting home until it was too late for us to come. Next time Anna, don't worry.

So, stuck in Canegrate and with a Family Sunday coming quite soon, I took Lindsey on the Lago Maggiore .

I was born in the north, far away from the sea. We don't have crowded and overpriced beaches here, but we have nice lakes (overcrowded by Germans). The lake of Como , the Lake Maggiore, the lake of Garda . On a summer day, they are all beautiful. On a summer day.

[ok, last page with this note. As you already know, I lost most of the content. Lindsey and I enjoyed a nice day on the lake, even with a summer storm that left us wet for a while, and then a week in the company of my family, dog and friends. They took us to nice restaurants, but we always ended up in the Texas Town bar. We left after celebrating my sister's 30 birthday. It was a sad moment since I had to leave but nostalgia is part of my life!]

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