The chickenpox European travels - 28 July 2008

London, Poland and Italy.
It all sounded like a great plan for me, Lindsey and Shari.
Things didn't work out exactly like we wanted, but it was an interesting experience nonetheless!

10 days in London

Sian, Lindsey's friend from her Fulham Primary School days (that ended in 2004, you may remember it ), collected us in a nice and warm evening of June. Breathing fresh air after so many hours of air conditioning was great, even if we were in an underground parking in Gatwick. I could smell London again.

Sian getting the team Some of you asked me where I would have stayed in this trip, and some of you gently offering accommodation to me, my wife and her friend. Thanks to Anna though, still living in Monaco, on the Mediterranean Sea, I had free access to my old, historical flat, so used and abuse by those years of the Olafmeister & Robster, and friends. As I described it last year , Anna changed completely the place and even Lindsey was surprised to see a flat that used to be, well, boyish, in some sort of stylish bachelor pad.

Home!After a quick pizza at the Pagliaccio we crashed ready to face the weekend, me and Lindsey in my old room, and Shari in Rob's old room (ok, I should start call all the room "Anna's").

The weekend was quite busy. We spent Saturday shopping, looking for all those things that we (I) needed and generally enjoying the city on the usual Piccadilly - Swiss Court (no more! They knocked it down) - Trafalgar Square- Big Ben - London Eye - Tate - Shakespeare's Globe and St Paul walk that I did so many times in the past with friends coming to visit me.
Back then it had sense: you see a lot in one go and then all you want to do is sit in a Pub with Meister and drink Guinness and no nothing else for the rest of the weekend (as planned).

Around LondonAround LondonAround London

On Sunday, it was time to visit that part of the Thomson's family still here: Pamela and Jonny, auntie and uncle to Lindsey. It was almost the end of a circle. When Lindsey was here the last time as tourist (April 2007) , we had our first (and only) engagement party at their house, in a beautiful spring day, since we got engaged only days earlier.

[again, I lost half of the content in this page due to a crash of the server. So, here I was just writing about how, after a nice weekend, I  got sick and still I went to work for 5 days, before almost dying from the chickenpox. Lindsey and Shari, in the meanwhile, had a great week exploring the city. And we went to some open air theatre, you can check the pictures in the link below!]

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