Seeking memories in the fog - 27 October 2004

I don't remember in my entire life enjoying Milan in October. My memories go to the times where I worked there, the traffic, the silly prices and the terrible lunches. Well, everything changes (but you).

Texas Town

Ok, I admit it. I'm not from Milan. I'm not what they call a Milanese. I actually used to live in a small town at the edge of the milan hinterland, almost in the countryside. I studied in Milan, I worked in Milan, but I always hated it. Silly prices, terrible traffic, and the impossibility of finding where to buy food in the centre of the city.

But, ehi, a long time ago I made a promise about taking Lindsey to see this part of North Italy, and here we go: waking up at 2 in the morning to get the (cheap) coach to Stansted, and few moments of relax before flying to Bergamo (silly called "Milan Bergamo" from the Ryanair people...) and landing in a surprisingly warm saturday afternoon.

Welcome back, Olaf, welcome to Italy, Lindsey.

Olga and LindseyFew hours later, we arrived safely to my hometown, thank to my favourite driver (my mum, by the way). As usual, my dog (Bart) and my cat Bart(Pulce) were there, waiting for me (or for the food I was carrying with me, probably). While the language barrier was a bit too high for Lindsey with my parents, she had no problem at all with my sister and my animals. Now, I must admit that I was a bit surprised by the knowledge of english that my parents shown, much more than I excepted! If you'll ever read this, well done! (complimenti per la conoscenza dell'inglese, migliore di quanti mi aspettassi, ma' e pa'!).

The original plan was to play some miniature golf (just 200m from my house there is a nice course) and then enjoy some shopping before dinner. But, unfortunately, we were too tired and the planned 1-hour relax time ended in a 4 hours sleepover. Once we woke up, it was almost dark. I took my powerful car (a fantastic Seat Marbella with a almost broken gearbox and the water boiling too much after 10 minutes of driving...) to go to the closest shopping centre and buy, well, stuff, and food. And to taste some italian ice cream!

Friends ReunitedIn the evening was time to celebrate. My sister graduated not long ago, with a good grading, and I missed the graduation party because I was in London, playing football and working. Congratulations, by the way. So we went to the place where I used to work for 2 years in what it now seems like a different century in my life: the Texas Town pub, in Legnano.
Since I left my sister took over for me and the bar/pub got better and better, thanks to the new management. In the whole area you won't find a better place to drink proper cocktails (served in pints) and good bar food. The people working there are just fantastic and I'm always proud of having spent here almost all my evenings a long time ago.
Soon my friends came to visit me and to take advantage of the free drinks sponsored by me and my sister. And so I was, surrounded by friends I meet twice a year but with whom I have so many memories of the last 20 years. I just felt a bit sorry for Lindsey, surrounded by italian guys with just few drinks to keep her company. The evening ended just after midnight (or it was 2 in the morning? I don't remember), and soon we were home to relax after such a long day...

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