(my) Garden State - 29 December 2004

Christmas time. Family is calling. Home is calling. Friends are calling. Time goes by, but nothing really changes. More Jack Daniels please.

Prelude... or how one book stole my Christmas

Garden state is a beautiful film. I saw it few days before leaving for my short christmas holiday. You should see it. Probably the italian adaptors will translate the title with something completely different. Anyway, if next year (2005) you're passing by a cinema and you see some movie with Zach Braff and Natalie Portman, well, that's it and not a crossover between Scrubs and Star Wars.
The reason why I loved it it's quite obvious. Coming back from a different place, a different state, a different life, the feelings the guy has are pretty much similar. Ok, I'm not (down) on drugs like him, but we're pretty close. I'm not an actor either, but, ehi, THAT is a film. This is my life. And anyway editing is pretty much close, isn't it ? (you wish).

JennaI spent the evening before exchanging presents with my good ole flatmate, Rob. He got a chair, I got the a-team collection. He got a book (on Writing, by Stephen King), I got Jenna Jameson on dvd. Guess he knew me better. Xmas
The next morning I was at the airport with the usual 4-5 hours of time to spare. I love airports, and train stations, and whereever I can see people arriving or leaving. Sometimes I can spend time just looking at them. It makes me think. Of what, I still have to compute. Usually they all leave with friends, or with the family, or with someone to say goodbye. Just not like me. I like to be alone at the airport. But I'd love to kiss goodbye to someone. It happened. It doesn't anymore.

He thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts. I bought a book, at the airport, in the first WH Smith I found. IT, by Stephen King. Back in 1992, when I was 15, I remember spending my whole easter holidays just playing football and talking about girls with my friends, and reading the book. 5 days to start and finish the 1200 pages of the italian version. I was addicted, and I loved the guys in the book. I was scared, too, and maybe I wanted to finish it so badly so I could forget about the whole immersive experience. Later on, every time I saw Roland McDonald, I couldn't help thinking about the book. The movie was crap, though. King sold recently a new version of the script for a movie release. Maybe it'll get better.
Anyway, with the book on my lap and the laptop in the bag, I decided to start reading it again, maybe for 1 or 2 hours, just before the call for the flight.
And that was it. Next thing I remember, I was in Italy, landed safely in Linate, with my book still open, already on page 200. It got me again.

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