(my) Garden State - 29 December 2004

Christmas time. Family is calling. Home is calling. Friends are calling. Time goes by, but nothing really changes. More Jack Daniels please.

Meet the parents ... or how to drink and drive in the snow

Daddy PaulPaolo Margutti is one of my great friends. He's not part of my "theory of twelve years old" part, we worked together, we shot a shortfilm together and pretty much I always enjoyed his company. Some people don't change, because afraid of, or simply too comortable in their situation.
He did. He changed.
Suddenly, in such a short time span, he moved with his girlfriend in a flat, decided to start a family, changed job, and worked hard to find his way in the area. He (she) had twins. The girl is called Naturelle, and the boy Olaf. And yes, there is an explanation. 
Very, his girlfriend, liked my name, and probably found me charming, in my own way. Or at least I like to think so. I completely agree with her for the choice. Short, cool, nice. A real name for real men. Welcome to this world, Olaf II Margutti(and your sister too).

And so, in a whitey and melting boxing day morning, I drove to meet them, in their small town few miles away from my place.  Driving in the snow
I have always problem meeting new dads and mums, cause usually they show you photos, videos and stuff you are not really interested in. They are so enthusiastic that you feel just bad just because you don't share their happiness. At least this time wasn't like this.
Paolo is a guy too cool and he knew perfectly how NOT to behave with me, and we just talked and drank some tea. Like really nothing happened and those two nice but very small babies gurgling around were just, well, there.
Well done, Paolo (ok, well done you too, Very, I know his contribution was just few seconds of joy...)

Olga and CristinaBack home, another lunch with the lefovers of the leftovers, and another meeting. This time I've met Francesca, a girl who used to visit my mum in the library because of her love for books and who invited me out just for talking about stuff we've done in the last year. The snow from the night before was already melting around us, and what was white the night before was already starting to get its ugly colours back (or at least I thought so, being colourblind doesn't really help).

Back home again, and out once more. This time with the barman from the Texas, my sister's friend, Cristina. She came over to London with my sister last year, so it was a nice chance to talk about pretty much everything that has happened recently. Many drinks later, I was back in the Texas, for spending what I thought was my last night there and say goodbye to everyone in the bar.

Obviously, I was wrong.

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