(my) Garden State - 29 December 2004

Christmas time. Family is calling. Home is calling. Friends are calling. Time goes by, but nothing really changes. More Jack Daniels please.

The perfect storm ... or how to survive while God is against you

SnowingWhat is Christmas? I've always celebrated christmas the 24th, saying "merry xmas to you" the same night. I've always opened my presents the 24th night. The 25th was always dedicated to food, and to see the rest of the families connected to mine.
The 24 used to be time for the midnight service in the local church. Last time I've done it, I was still 16. I was very close to go there the night before, but I went drinking instead. Sorry everyone.

I don't remember much of the day, cause basically I've spent it in the bed, reading and almost finishing IT. StormWhile in Derry the grownups were fighting Pennywise again, outside, suddenly a snow storm started to blow in my town.

RelaxingClosed the book, phoned the usual bunch of friends and went down to the Texas, for more drinks. Different audience (random people I've seen last christmas), same one man show about how to live and survive in London, and the idea of keep repearing myself. I should move from London and go somewhere else. I still have many stories to tell, but ehi, I always need more.

With Max called back from the mayor to help throwing salt on the dangerous snow, I drank with Beppe.

SurvivorsAt the end, in the middle of the night and the storm, I proposed to go back by walk. The wind was strong, the city was completely white and it was freezing. But me and my buddy started walking and talking about a past that is no more, a present that soon will disappear and a future without much presence. And in less than two hours, we were in proximity of our old school. He turned left, I went straight, just like many other times in a different age. He said he would see me in my next, last, couple of days, and I answered "yeah, sure". That was the last time I saw him this holiday, and this year.
I didn't phone him, he didn't phone me. Same with Max. I guess that just happens. Like this.

And the book was almost finished.

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