.. but trust me on the sunscreen - 22 January 2005

South Africa: where I've seen thing you people wouldn't believe. The mighty hippo's nostrils. I watched mad taxis glitter in the dark near every stop. Sudden storms like tears from ten billions eyes. Beautiful people in a fantastic country. Time to remember.

Work hard to bridge the gaps in geography and lifestyle

South African FlagSouth Africa is one of the most diverse and enchanting countries in the world. Exotic combinations of landscapes, people, history and culture offer the traveller a unique and inspiring experience.
This is what you would find on the official south africa website. You could replace "South Africa" with US or Italy, and you would get the same effect.
South Africa is much more than that intro.

On the top of the mountainI'm writing this report almost a week after I got back. It took quite a while to even try to sort pictures, events, faces, names, locations and animals. It was a huge experience.
For some lucky combination, in less than a year I travelled a lot, from the US to Barcelona, from Poland to South Africa, and, for some reasons, when I think of South Africa I think of a younger, genuine, US west/midwest territory, or at least of my idea of it.
Maybe for the cowboys and the gold diggers. Maybe for the similar colors (ehi, I'm colorblind, so I might be wrong), or maybe for the sense of empty spaces and, sometimes, freedom.

I loved South Africa. Or, better, I loved my experience of it. I stayed in Johannesburg, and I spent few days in Cape Town before returning to Jo'Burg, by a 18 The lion and my leghours coach trip. I've seen animals. I've almost been bite by a lion, and I enjoyed it. I've seen England starting his winning test match against the locals, and I think that the Cricket Association should pay me to attend at England's matches, cause I did the same against New Zealand , and they won. I've even been to church.
I've met fantastic people, and real soon some pictures will be stuck on my walls to remind me of them.

FallsI won't bother you with details about the political situation, mainly because now it's payback time for the black people living there, and the situation is not the most brilliant, but probably with the recent history they had is almost understandable. In few years time they will find a balance and they will work together to improve the country, maybe already for the Football World Cup in 2010...

Anyway, how should I start?

Well, as usual, let's start from the place where everything begins: my room, London, January: time to pack and get ready for the trip.

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