.. but trust me on the sunscreen - 22 January 2005

South Africa: where I've seen thing you people wouldn't believe. The mighty hippo's nostrils. I watched mad taxis glitter in the dark near every stop. Sudden storms like tears from ten billions eyes. Beautiful people in a fantastic country. Time to remember.

Fighting the waves

Just ArrivedAnother early wake up call, time time 5 o'clock, just in time to get the plane to the other big and well known city in South Africa: Cape Town, or Cape Stadt, in afrikaans, this weird guttural/dutch/german language spoken around here (don't even ask me about Zulu).

The idea was to spend three days at some sister's friend's place, renting a car to drive around the Cape Peninsula, and see as many things as possible.

Since the plane landed, I was fascinated with Cape Town. A great city with the ocean on one side, and mountains on the other. The most famous one is Mountains and cloudsprobably the Table Mountain, and the place where we were staying was just meters away from it.

We rented a car at the local Hertz, a Toyota Tazz, the most common car in the whole South Africa, I think. Wherever we parked, there was always another identical car in a small radius. Or maybe just everyone rents a car at the same place.

After a short drive we arrived at the Alpine Court, just the time to leave our small luggage and drive away, towards Hout Bay, to have some proper food. Lindsey has a good memory of food places, and even if the last time she came to Cape Town was years before, she still remembered the location of the better restaurant.

Fish and Chips on the bayHout Bay, me and LindseyWe stopped at most famous fish and chips shop on the bay, incredibly crowded. I'm not a big fan of the famous english combination, but the food I had was just superb. Even the seagulls around me enjoyed it more than ever.

What do to after lunch? Enjoying a good swim in the Atlantic Ocean, obviously! With our stomaches full, we drove to the other side of Houth Bay, where the biggest natural waves I've ever seen (you know, I'm not a fan of the salty Baywatchwater) were expecting me.
And there I was: surrounded buy water, trying not to drown, and enjoying the waves like a baby. And the ocean wasn't even as salty and disgusting as the Mediterranean Sea. Unfortunately my shoulders were already in pain since the day before, and swimming for few hours didn't help them at all...

After a huge ice cream was time to go back home and relax, ready for the next day, ready to go to the end of the world.

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