What the hell am I doing drinking in L.A. at 26? - 19 April 2004

It took me quite a while to write the report of my last (and First) US trip.
One month later, I've finally absorbed all the madness that took place in those mad 10 days and I'm finally ready to write something about it.
Just one word of advice: if on Sunday morning you're going to run a marathon (a proper one, 42,195 km - 26 miles), DON'T even think about spending Friday night and Saturday in Las Vegas gambling, drinking and trashing yourself. IT IS NOT GOOD. Especially if the marathon is in Los Angeles, with 95° degrees…

Day 6 - Road Trip and 24 hours of madness in Vegas

Adios Los Angeles. At least for the weekend. Time for a Road Trip. Destination Las Vegas. Yeah baby!
Big breakfast (my pre marathon diet was already forgotten) and ready for a 5 hour trip to the city of sex, gambling and alcohol. Paradise, they call it.
It took quite a long to leave Los Angeles (told you, big city), but in the afternoon we were driving on some route in the middle of the desert.
That was terrific.
Drivin to VegasDriving in a big car, with your mates, from Los Angels to Las Vegas, surrounded by the desert is something I've ever dreamt of. Ok, in my dreams I was in the car with 4 girls instead of 4 boys, but you can't always win.
While we were driving, we met some nice girls driving in a big yellow car and we chat up them for few miles. THE pictureNice car. Nice girls. 
We stopped for taking some nice pictures while pissing in the mighty emptiness of the desert, and to take "the" picture, already printed out in some nice big format and pinned on my wall.
And then, it was Las Vegas time.

24 hours of madness.

Vegas!In the same way I couldn't describe the immenseness of Los Angeles or the boobs of the Hooters Girls, I cannot describe now the madness of this Place. Even after one month, my memories are still confused and the order of events I will now write down probably is not the real one.

Now, Las Vegas is like Disneyworld. With some little differences: instead of Mickey Mouse, you have a lot of Pussies, and instead of flyers to get some discount in the surrounding shops, you get flyers to get discount for the prostitutes from little Mexican people.  49$ for one, 79$ for two. Not bad.
You have hotels, like in Disneyworld, and attractions. The Casinos.Nascar racing
We drove through Las Vegas and didn't stop there right away. No. We had (obviously thanks to the Man with Connections Johnny) free tickets for the Nascar Event in the Las Vegas circuit.
Nascar racing is another US thing. It's like Formula 1 for the rest of the world, but the cars look like normal cars and, instead of running on some exciting track, they're running on a oval. And, exactly like Formula 1, is boring like hell.

Venetian HotelBack from the Las Vegas Motor Racing Track, it was time to get crazy. We checked in the Venetian hotel, a replica of Venice, with the same vibe of the Italian city, San Marco, the gondolas, the singers and the shops included. Quite amazing. I've been at least four of five times in Venice, and I can tell it now: the real Venice is now on the bottom of my Venice list. Third Place. After the Venetian hotel and Venice Beach.
The room was quite big, and we were 5 staying in a room for two. But the sofas in the living room were comfortably enough to sleep.
Some more champagne and it was time to check the casinos.
Never been in a casino before, not like this.
CasinoNo clocks, no windows, no idea of the amount of time spent. You can win money in 15 minutes and lost in 1 seconds. And that was what happened to me, few hours later. By the way, everyone lost money. No winners this time.
After a first approach with the casino in the hotel, when I was incredibly 80 dollars up, we moved on the "strip", the famous vegas road that you can see in every movie.

And then, my memories collapsed. You know, after weeks of restrained drinking sessions and dieting for the marathon (well, forget about the dieting thing) , I was surrounded by  1-meter-long-vodka-cocktail , nice clubbing music and lot, lot of girls dancing and looking for fun. And I sinned. Oh yes, I sinned. And so did my mates.

Clubbing NightGirlsGuy Drunken WilliamsBig blackout with some flashbacks: Johnny snogging a bird for some bet she had, David trying to pull someone else, Guy PW completely drunk singing and dancing in some new, mysterious way, Robert trying to survive and me dancing with nice girls half American half Mexican. I don't remember the names. Let's call them Camilla and Jennifer Lopez. I scored, by the way. Or, at least, I think I did. You know, memory. My mates left in the bar with the birds, while they were sinning somewhere else. Don't know how to describe the night, and the club, and the girls, so just take a look at the pictures and at the video (somewhere, somewhat).Great nigth

Anyway, back in the casino, completely drank, I started to play with the money won previously. And Arturo Bandiniplaying just on red and black on the roulette, from 150 dollars, I was 6.000 up! But this time nobody was around me to tell me to get out and keep the Jennifermoney. Well, some girls were there. Probably paid by the casino, cause they were cheering for me and giving me free drinks. Then I played everything on red, and it was fuckin' black. And suddenly all the nice women around me were gone. Still wonder why. Shit.
Back in the hotel I found Guy PW dying in the bed.

True LoveFew minutes, or hours (perhaps days) later, Rob and David came back, and David brought back some girls with him. I met one of them in the toilet. Didn't think she loved, though. Johnny came back after few hours, completely trashed and without memories, other then losing some money in some casinos, spending the night talking with a dwarf (apparently very funny, he said) and finding his way through the hotel in some desperate attempts.

The morning was postponed. The sun rose very early, but our eyes opened few hours later. Johnny's eyes and Johnny's body were on strike, but, kicking his face and smashing his guts, we finally made him leave the room with us. He collapsed in the car, on the way back, for at least 5 hours.Trip Back

Guy PW drove us back. I always wondered why on our way to Las Vegas we managed to arrive in the Sin City in 5 hours with Mr. Clues on the cruise control, but we spent 9 hours to come back. Curious, isn't it? 
Rob left us to fly back to his wife in Georgia, and, after we checked in, with a big hung over, in an hotel next to the start of the marathon. I was almost forgetting: in few hours I was supposed to start (and finish) my eighth marathon…

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