What the hell am I doing drinking in L.A. at 26? - 19 April 2004

It took me quite a while to write the report of my last (and First) US trip.
One month later, I've finally absorbed all the madness that took place in those mad 10 days and I'm finally ready to write something about it.
Just one word of advice: if on Sunday morning you're going to run a marathon (a proper one, 42,195 km - 26 miles), DON'T even think about spending Friday night and Saturday in Las Vegas gambling, drinking and trashing yourself. IT IS NOT GOOD. Especially if the marathon is in Los Angeles, with 95° degrees…

Final Days - The game is over

Warner Bros StudioLast days in Los Angeles. I will miss Los Angeles. I already knew. ER Set
Another morning in another hotel. This time the goal of us trip was the Universal Studio. Johnny had some connections with some girl in the E.R. production office, and there we went.
Universal Studio were cool. Big place, big sets and a nice atmosphere. Never seen E.R. before (you know, I was busy watching Baywatch) , but I remember that George Clooney was playing in it, so I think it was an important TV series.

Anyway, our guide was nice and we had a good time exploring the set of E.R. George Clooney wasn't there, though. He left the set some years ago. We were a bit late.

BaywatchingWe'll be readyRolling GirlsAfter that, it was Baywatch time. We went to Venice Beach to enjoy the girls on roller blades skating around.

We spent a lot of time doing it.
We spent a lot of time watching them.
We spent a lot of time running on the beach thinking about them and Pamela Anderson.
Oh my god.

LondonLast morning. Flight to London,
Sorry, nothing to say about that. I was too sad and I still am. I was leaving La La Land.
Oh, Hooters girls, I'll miss you.
Oh, Las Vegas girls, I'll think about you.
Oh, Bunker Hill's dreams, where will we meet again?
Oh, Camilla. I'll be your Arturo Bandini if you will let me.
But I flew back. With the American Dream in my mind.

Damn, I loved beef jerky.

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