What the hell am I doing drinking in L.A. at 26? - 19 April 2004

It took me quite a while to write the report of my last (and First) US trip.
One month later, I've finally absorbed all the madness that took place in those mad 10 days and I'm finally ready to write something about it.
Just one word of advice: if on Sunday morning you're going to run a marathon (a proper one, 42,195 km - 26 miles), DON'T even think about spending Friday night and Saturday in Las Vegas gambling, drinking and trashing yourself. IT IS NOT GOOD. Especially if the marathon is in Los Angeles, with 95° degrees…

Day 7 - The passion of the runner

Getting ReadIn the same way I don't remember more of the stuff I did in Vegas, I remember EVERTHING about the marathon. The sufferance, the little Mexican people running around me, the little Mexican people shouting and cheering to the little Mexican people running around me, the big German Bloke trying to talk with some little Mexican people. And some girls. I remember clearly the pain after the 15th mile. And my sickness after 200 meters.Los Angeles and the marathon

Yes, running 42km after the sins in Las Vegas was a big experience. I've already run seven marathons before but I've never run in such a hot weather. 95° degrees were far too much for me.
I run the first half with a good time, but I soon realized that the first half was completely downhill. And the finish line was when the first line was. So, probably, I had to run the second half uphill.

The Running ManThe WinnerAnd I did. And, as always, I started thinking "What the hell am I doing?". But hey, I'm the man when I'm running, and I like sufferance. Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. But glory lasts forever.
And I finished, with a terrible time and terrible pain, but I did. My time was one of my worst (3:50, almost 40 minutes worse than my personal), but few days later I discovered my final position was 850° out of 20.000. And first Briton, by the way (yes, I was running for another country…).My foot

After the marathon I tried to relax, and for at least 20 minutes I could Hustler Shopsleep in such a good way. My legs were stiff and sun burned, and my head was full of weird dreams involving the Hooters Girls and Mexican runners.
We checked out in the afternoon to do dome more sightseeing in some other part of the city.
So we went to Beverly Hills and Hollywood, to snap some pictures with the Kodak Theatre, the Chinese Theatre, and the Hustler Shop.
Great shop. Nice DVDs, nice girls, and nice cowboy's hats. I bought one. Class stuff.

JennaDrinking in LABest thing about the Hustler Shop? The handprints of big actors like Ron Jeremy and Jenna Jameson. Jenna Jameson. Do you know who is she? The goddess of porn. She is the queen. Nice handprints. And nice boops either.
Last evening trip to some pub to drink some relaxing Guinness, and another trip to the Studio City Hills to Rob's house, for a nice barbecue. Just fantastic. And I was running a marathon only few hours ago…

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